• Speaker: Jieqiong Wang
  • Date: 3:30 P.M., Thursday, Apr 21, 2011
  • Place: Room 418

Image-analysis methods play an important role in helping detect brain changes in diagnosis of AD. In the paper, the symmetric logdomain diffeomorphic demons algorithm, with the properties of symmetry and invertibility, is used to compute the pair-wise registration, whose deformation field is then used to calculate the Riemannian distance between them. The spectral embedding algorithm is performed based on the Riemannian distance matrix to project images onto a low-dimensional space where each image is represented as a point and its neighboring points correspond to images of high anatomical similarity. Finally, the quick shift clustering method is employed in the embedded space to partition the dataset into subgroups.


[1] Xiaojing Long et al., 2011. "An Automatic Unsupervised Classification of MR Images in AD".
[2]T. Vercauteren, X. Pennec, A. Perchant, and N. Ayache. Symmetric log-domain diffeomorphic registration: A demons-based approach.


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