Posted: 2022/06/23 14:11 | Author: NICA

The first author of the article is Shengpei Wang, title:“Driving brain state transitions in major depressive disorder through external stimulation”

Abstract:Background: Major depressive disorder (MDD) as a dysfunction of neural circuits and brain networks has been established in modern neuroimaging sciences. However, the brain state transitions between MDD and health through external stimulation remain unclear, which limits translation to clinical contexts and demonstrable clinical utility. 

Objective: we propose a framework of the large-scale whole-brain network in MDD linking the underlying anatomical connectivity with functional dynamics obtained from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Then, we further explored the optimal brain regions to promote the transition of brain states between MDD and health through external stimulation of the model.
Results: Based on the whole-brain model successfully fitting the brain state space in MDD and the health, we demonstrated that the transition from MDD to health is achieved by the excitatory activation of limbic system and from health to MDD by the inhibitory stimulation of reward circuit.
Conclusion: Our finding provides novel biophysical evidence for the neural mechanism of MDD and its recovery and allows the discovery of new stimulation targets for MDD recovery.